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Behavioral and Psychological Analysis

Identifying the indicators that will keep you protected

Some behaviors may be a clue that an employee is spying or methodically stealing from the organization.  There are certain tell-tale signs that are strong indictors that you could have an employee that is a potential threat.

Some behaviors you can look for are as follows:

  • Unusual interest in matters outside the scope of their duties including company policies, IT infrastructure and sensitive Intellectual Property (IP) or research and development projects
  • Utilizing remote computer access during vacations, sick leave or other odd times
  • Disregarding company policies regarding software, hardware, websites and unauthorized information
  • Inappropriate seeking of company information and material
  • Working odd hours and keeping atypical schedules
  • Unusual travel and foreign contacts, particularly with foreign government officials or people in the same field of expertise that could benefit from their knowledge
  • Suspicious personal contacts, especially with competitors
  • Personal and career pressures and disappointments
  • Unusual interest in co-workers
  • Over protective of work spaces marked by leaving traps to detect searches of work areas or searches for listening or recording devices

It is not unusual for loyal employees to experience or exhibit some of the above traits to a varying degree.  However, research reveals most Insider Threats have been observed exhibiting some of the above traits by employees when the employees are asked during investigations following the malicious event.

When assessing your level of risk based on behavioral and psychological analytics, we take many factors into consideration, such as risk levels, as well as the distinct needs, mission, and systems of your organizations.

The outcome of analysis is the development of policies and protections for your organization that will keep you secure while not eroding the civil liberties, civil rights, or privacy of your employees.