I had the pleasure of “Channeling Security” with Lorna Garey (@lornagarey), tech-writing guru at Channel Partners, recently and had a great opportunity to discuss what many aren’t thinking about when trying to stop Insider Threats.


Quortum partners with industry leaders in end-point security and data analytics, offering our clients options to consider for their network defense.  However, if you don’t have the policies and procedures in place and actually PRACTICE them, all the wiz-bang tech stuff will give you is some interesting data to pass to CEO’s to more often than not, give them a warm fuzzy they are protected.


CEOs need to bring every employee-facing department to the table and recognize these are the true warriors to help defend your organization.  Simply put, if you have policies and procedures in place for your HR, Security, Legal, Contracts (Trusted Business Partners) and IT Teams to guide them, you’re more likely to stop the Insider from actually carrying out their misconduct.  Making employees aware of policies and procedures has been shown to dramatically influence and reduce malicious attempts of stealing intellectual property, employee/customer data, and workplace violence.

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