It goes without saying that any company wanting to become a leader in anything that involves the term “Global” must do business with Chinese companies.  I’ve heard the actual business discussions and agreements normally go quite well but my comments here are simply to make you aware of threats to your Intellectual Property (IP) and sensitive data when doing business in the economic juggernaut.

Just recently, the Chinese Government passed sweeping legislation that may be a game-changer for many foreign companies.  The way the law is written raises fears that foreign companies my need to provide government “Security Agencies” access to their IP and other sensitive data.

So, if you have an innovative “widget”, which customers in China and the rest of the world love to buy, you may be “asked” to hand over the “secret sauce” in return for access to Chinese markets.

Quortum has a team of foreign intelligence experts available to discuss issues you should be looking at If you’re looking to do business in any country, especially those with extensive corporate espionage aspirations.

If the threats posed by China is something you’ve been unaware of, please check out this article on the FBI and the Chinese Threat

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