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Cyber Forensics

Protecting, recovering, and utilizing your digital assets

Cyber attackers are at the front door, the back door, the windows and any other available entry point into an organization targeted for attacks. Attacks are becoming more customized and sophisticated, sometimes utilizing a multi-pronged approach of insider, physical, and network attacks. Domestic and foreign companies may try to illegally acquire your company’s information. Foreign nations that seek to improve their economies and militaries target U.S. technology companies in lots of different ways.

Quortum provides industry leading Cyber Forensic services, specializing in identifying, collecting, preserving, and analyzing digitally stored data, providing high quality, legally admissible evidence to a wide range of clients. Where necessary we conduct covert data collections to maintain discretion during sensitive operations. No organization can guarantee to find the data you are looking for but if it exists, we will find it.

We understand the importance of rapidly responding to forensic-related situations and stand ready to assist when you need us. Clients have included law firms, financial services providers, media companies, energy companies and public sector organizations. We don’t publish these client lists as client affairs are treated with the strictest confidence, but if you need further information about our capabilities, please contact us.

We provide an external independent service, with all work undertaken in accordance with all rules and regulations, ensuring any evidence produced is admissible in court proceedings. Non-disclosure or similar agreements or similar can be signed to ensure the confidentiality of your information.