Earlier this year, the CTO over at ObserveIT held a Webinar with an experienced Insider Threat prosecutor who provided a very thorough overview of employee monitoring and privacy concerns.

If you are considering adding or upgrading your employee monitoring capabilities, the webinar is well worth your time as it covers all of the major areas of concern to include: data protection versus use; who should be monitored, what should be monitored, monitoring policies, and other related topics.


One of the more interesting topics discussed in the excellent webinar was on the trend of employees using personal devices for work. The webinar mentions an ongoing case of a woman in California who is suing her former employer after being let go for disabling a GPS tracking application on her personal phone. The former employee claimed her supervisor admitted monitoring her movements after working hours, and she then disabled the app on her phone in response to what she felt was an invasion of her privacy.

Whatever the eventual outcome of the case in California, the case highlights the need for companies to carefully consider employee monitoring in the face of ever evolving technology and the often blurred lines between company and employee time.

These are important issues for any organization.  Please contact us at info@quortum.com or call us at 5714291517, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your concerns and work with you to find solutions.

Link to the Webinar: