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In-depth Vulnerability Assessments

Safety begins by identifying where you are risk

Quortum is proud to be one of the few companies selected to have a direct partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s SEI CERT Insider Threat Center, the worldwide leader in Insider Threat research and mitigation strategies since 2001.
Whether you’ve got 20 or 20,000 employees, we provide the same industry-leading Threat Vulnerability Assessments that large government agencies, foreign governments and Fortune 100 companies have had completed by our partner, Carnegie Mellon University.

We work closely with you and them, using the same assessment framework based on fraud, theft of intellectual property, and IT sabotage incidents to help organizations identify their technical and non-technical vulnerabilities to insider threats as well as provide countermeasures.

These assessments are fully scalable and will fit into any organization’s budget.

Based on our expertise, we bring all employee-facing departments to the table to provide clients with proven solutions. Employee-facing departments which we recommend being involved include:

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Physical/Personnel Security
  • Legal/Ethics
  • Contracts (External Partnerships)
  • Product/Line Management
  • Risk Management