Pardon the “personalness” of this post but I wept when I first learned of the Chattanooga, Tennessee bus driver who, according to initial reporting, intentionally drove off the road with a busload of kids.

As the father of a teen and a tween, who ride the bus to/from school every day, I thought of the pain the parents who spent their Thanksgiving nursing kids back to health were going through….. Then I broke down thinking of six families who spent Thanksgiving making burial plans for a child who’s last moments of life were an absolute terror….

I see these events all too often, most of them get little national coverage…. Workplace violence is often preventable…. Attacks on former or current employers/co-workers, verbal or physical harassment, and then this event in Tennessee…..

What I mean by “preventable” is that in nearly every occasion, the media or law enforcement quickly find people who knew the perpetrator and bring up detailed examples of how unstable they were.  Sometimes they are reported, like this bus driver, but many times they are not.

What is even worse than the reported action is the fact he was still behind the wheel, let alone allowed to be near kids.  This will all be handled within the court system, I’m sure; However, it still won’t bring back six young lives or remove the mental and physical scars of the other kids on the bus.

My feeling is much of the liability will be on the School District, but what if this was your company and an employee committed this heinous act?  Not trying to be crass, as no business owner would ever want this to happen, but you need to be in a position to mitigate the threats posed by their employees.

What would a private company be liable for?  What about your reputation?  Could you survive?

This was one of the worst outcomes of an “Insider Threat” attack and there are proven steps you can take to reduce the risks to your employees, their families and your company.  Please contact us and let’s have a discussion…..

Please join me in wishing the victims and families comfort and solace during a time where they should be making cookies, not dealing with the aftermath of a likely preventable attack.