Almost every day, we read about companies acquiring each other or merging with another that complements their current business. However, what is often missed is the threat posed by these actions and the dramatic (or traumatic) impact they’ve made on the acquiring companies’ ability to succeed.

Security Intelligence has a great article about threats posed by mergers and acquisitions, please see the link below and let us know your thoughts.

Often times, the acquired company is simply put as its own business unit” within the new company and their employees are often not aware of different policies, procedures and practices….. So, they just continue with the proverbial “way they’ve always done it”. This is too common but some work to ensure your house is in order and all new employees are educated on their new company’s ways will alleviate a lot of policy and procedural violations. 99% of them are unintentional but there are some recent events in the news where company Intellectual Property and Sensitive Data were compromised because of new employee ignorance.

Quortum routinely helps companies preparing to a acquire assets. Our Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessments are often the best way to start. We work with your key stakeholders to holistically assess your organization, using our proven methods developed with our partner, Carnegie Mellon University SEI CERT Insider Threat Center.

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