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Intellectual Property Theft Prevention

Safeguarding your most valuable assets

Every organization has technology, methodology or critical information that, if stolen or mistakenly released, would likely result in a loss of revenue, reputation, or even safety and well-being.

It is important that organizations of all sizes take the time to identify the most critical information and to implement stronger defenses around those resources. While a unified, standard approach to security for all systems may sound appropriate, your organization may be over-securing lower priority elements, and under-protecting your most important information, your “crown jewels.”

Theft of Intellectual Property (IP) is an increasing threat to organizations and can go unnoticed for months or even years.
The identification process should be a shared effort between the board of directors, senior/operational management and the information technology function of the organization. Quortum can be utilized as an outside resource to augment these efforts and to help audit and monitor the ongoing security of your organization’s critical information.

Theft of Intellectual Property could result in:

  • Lost revenue
  • Lost employment
  • Damaged reputation
  • Health and safety concerns from counterfeit products
  • Lost investment for research (R&D)
  • Delays or interruptions in production

There are increased incidents of employees taking proprietary information when they believe they will be, or are, searching for a new job. A domestic or foreign business competitor or foreign government intent on illegally acquiring a company’s proprietary information and trade secrets may wish to place a spy into a company in order to gain access to non-public information. Alternatively, they may try to recruit an existing employee to do the same thing.

Congress has continually expanded and strengthened criminal laws for violations of Intellectual Property rights to protect innovation and ensure that egregious or persistent intellectual property violations do not merely become a standard cost of doing business.

Quortum has the expertise to work with organizations to effectively identify their crown jewels and implement protective measures to let managers sleep a little better. Most companies have a few policies and procedures already in place, which is why Quortum impartial Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment (ITVA) is often the best place to start.