A recent LA Times article on Chinese Economic Espionage prompted me to post this quick note on a sunny Friday afternoon.  Have a great weekend!


During my time at the FBI, where my team developed easy to digest Intelligence products to support Field Office Counterintelligence Agents efforts to increase awareness in local communities about the threats posed by Foreign Intelligence Services (FIS).  Often times, it was determined an “insider” was intentionally or unintentionally assisting with the efforts of both FIS and U.S. Competitors.

We provided unclassified details on actual cases and the one that always came up on the “They tried to steal what?” list is the one discussed in this LA Times article.  It sounds sort of like the first line of an off-color joke…. Something like: “An Iowa farmer was out on his porch one morning and sees a short bald Chinese guy in his field, digging up seeds….”  Seriously….. This happened.

The threats posed to our Nation’s economic well-being continue to increase and every business with a unique product or technology needs to have protections in place to defend against them.  I proudly worked in the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, alongside a cadre of agents and analysts who protect us every day and work tirelessly to mitigate threats to our Economic Infrastructure, from huge cleared defense contractors to mom and pop businesses.

We’re here to help you protect your “seeds” and maintain your economic vitality and efforts to keep America in the lead.

Please contact me to discuss on Quortum can help you identify your “seeds” and to develop ways to protect them.