With the number of incidents happening every month of not only highly-trusted but entry-level employees stealing information from their employers, I’m in awe of the lack of “give a dang” decision-makers have when we chat.  It’s happening folks, in every industry and at every level inside companies just like yours!

I don’t believe in fear mongering to get business, rather, I ask commercial and government leaders if spending a relatively small amount of time and money now, would be better than dealing with the consequences after the inevitable happens.  They all understand what I’m saying and some have had Quortum come in and take a look and then work with them to develop policies, procedures and practices to reduce the chances of an Insider attack.  But others stick their heads back in the sand…. I had one of the deniers call me last week to have me come in and have “that talk”, after an employee walked out with his entire accounting portfolio.


Here’s a quick “this really happened” story about a client whose small company provides unmanned aerial vehicle services to government and commercial energy clients.  They had an otherwise “steller” employee give their surprise two week notice, with no explanation.  Not that they needed to give a reason, it was just weird to everyone because this person had often shared life events and was always the “storyteller” in the company.  So, when they gave their notice and clammed up when the Boss asked why, it was just “odd”….. (This is a key behavioral indicator, click here to read more)
Well, a few months earlier, after Quortum conducted an Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment, the owner implemented a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) effort to help protect the business.

So, as the policy was written, all accounts of departing employees were “monitored”.  Well, guess whose activity triggered an alert for excessive data transfer?  You know who!

Their DLP program detected the transfer of 27+GBs of intellectual property to a 64GB flash drive.  Within this transfer was sensitive coding used for specific client work and over three years of proprietary research this employee was working on over the past four years.  When they questioned the employee, they stated they were aware of the policy to not take company information; however, they felt they “owned” the code because they were the one who did most of the work on it.

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Here’s a great article from Information Management on industries facing insider threats.

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