Information Technology

1. My organization audits network user accounts for shared, dormant, or expired accounts:
2. My organization has the following IT Asset Tracking procedures in place:

Human Resources

3. My organization conducts background checks on candidates and:
4. My organization has policy and practices that describe acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviors, including interpersonal activities:


5. My organization has policy regarding ownership of our intellectual property (IP) to reduce the likelihood of disputes and:
6. My organization has policy and procedures that allow us to monitor employee actions on our systems and networks:

Physical Security

7. My organization notifies appropriate internal parties of employee terminations or separations and:
8. My organization prevents, detects, and responds to the physical theft of organizational property and:

Trusted Business Partners

9. My organization ensures that all trusted business partners (TBP) (contractors/cleaning staff/etc.) have successfully completed background screenings before they start work and:
10. My organization has a policy that defines its ownership rights to intellectual property (IP) created by trusted business partners and: