August 31, 2016, Leesburg, VA—Quortum today announced that it has been accepted as a Partner by the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (SEI). As an SEI Partner, Quortum is licensed to provide official SEI services in Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment.

“We are pleased to welcome Quortum as an SEI Partner,” said Paul Nielsen, SEI director and CEO. “Our Partners are a valuable extension of the SEI, helping to meet the demand for SEI technologies and services worldwide with a level of quality that matches the SEI’s own.” SEI Partners are trained, evaluated, and selected by the SEI and are the only source of official SEI technologies services from outside the SEI. SEI Partners provide courses, consulting, and/or coaching services in one or more of the following areas: information security, software architecture, software engineering measurement and analysis, and the Team Software Process.

About Quortum

Quortum offers a holistic approach to the Insider Threat and Risk Management process. “We are thrilled to be only the 6th company ever selected to partner with SEI to help companies tackle un-seen threats to their organization. SEI has proven tools that help us identify hidden dangers in our client’s processes so we can help businesses be less vulnerable,” said Joey Alonso, Quortum founder and president.

Quortum’s scalable solutions are tailored to each business to help them protect their Intellectual Property (IP), Sensitive Data, Customer and Employee Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and, most importantly, their employees’ safety and security.

While SEI has provided comprehensive services since 2001, Quortum has developed a model that makes a high level of important assessment services accessible to growing companies. This model allows Quortum to provide the same critical assessment services as large clients in the government, commercial, and academic markets to small and medium sized companies at a price point in line with their budgets. The process revolves around internal employee-facing departments (HR/IT/Security/Production) to effectively assess, analyze, and advise companies so they can implement a plan of action to mitigate threats from malicious and accidental threats. Alonso added, “Everyday, companies are losing revenue, sensitive data, and employees because they don’t have an insider threat plan for their organization. Quortum provides tested processes, policies and procedures to help companies minimize their risk.”

Quortum recently set up offices at the Mason Enterprise Center in Leesburg, Virginia. Susan Henson, Regional Director of the MEC, said, “Quortum is a good example of the type of company that thrives in our incubator environment. The market they serve is ripe for attack from Insider Threats and will truly benefit from Quortum’s expertise.”

For more information on how Quortum can help protect your organizations, please visit or follow them on Twitter.