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Security Awareness

The importance of training and education

Most organizations are adept at detecting an outsider trying to access their IT infrastructure or enter their physical facilities. However, the thief who is harder to detect and who could cause the most damage is the insider, the employee or partner with legitimate access. That insider may steal solely for personal gain or that insider may be a “spy” – someone who is stealing company information or products to benefit another organization or country.

Industry studies reveal employees are the best defense against Insider Threats. A well-trained workforce, who are aware of threats, indicators, and most importantly, what to do when they see them, are critical for any Insider Threat Program to succeed.

A customized Quortum education program and ongoing training of employees will provide:

  • Increased compliance with security and other organizational protocols
  • Robust protection of propriety information
  • Increased use of appropriate screening processes to select new employees
  • Increased use of non-threatening, convenient ways for employees to report suspicious activity
  • Improved monitoring of computer networks for suspicious activity
  • Security personnel access to the knowledge and tools they need to do their job effectively

Employees need reminding and reassurance that awareness of security concerns and prompt reporting of them is vital to their own protection as well as the protection of the company.  Our programs will help them to understand that their compliance on this matter will protect your company’s IP, reputation, its financial well-being, and its future and ultimately, their own jobs.

Tailored Newsletters

Quortum also provides clients with tailored, Insider Threat newsletters that we will customize and they can distribute to their employees that contain timely and relevant information and best practices relevant to your company’s specific industry.  These newsletters have the same style and  content as the FBI and Federal Law Enforcement products and are written by the same authors and analysts.

These newsletters are written with the employee awarenss in mind, and emphasise education and proper reporting procedures on topics such as:

  • Intellectual property theft and its impact on every employee
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protection
  • Personal health information (PHI) protection for medical clients
  • Workplace violence and potential indicators
  • Online safety and best practices to protect privacy both at work and at home
  • Recent examples and successful mitigation practices for your industry