At the end of this post is a link to a really good article on the practicality of the requirements imposed on Cleared Defense Contractors to have an Insider Threat Program in-place by November 30, 2016.

As the folks in article said, having a program that meets DSS’ requirement isn’t that tough….. But we here at Quortum have been helping companies go beyond the requirements for both CDC’s and commercial companies, like HVAC, medical services, and small tech companies.

The article mentions “assessments” as a great place to start….. We couldn’t agree more!

You’re hearing about these “assessments” but do you really know what you’re getting?


Quortum is one of a very select group of companies chosen by Carnegie Mellon’s SEI CERT Insider Threat Center.  This allows Quortum the ability to provide small and medium-sized organizations the same Industry-leading Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessments CERT provides to Governments, Government Agencies, and the leading defense contractors.

We’re a Veteran-owned and Veteran-led company, focused on providing scalable and affordable solutions to protect your organization and, ultimately, our Nation’s economic vitality.

When you talk “Insider Threat” Mitigation Strategies, you really only hear about CERT, so why not have CERT’s trusted experts not only do your assessments, but help you protect your company from the inside out?

Our team consists of IT, HR, Security, and Intelligence professionals who understand Insider Threat is way more than an “IT issue” and it takes all employee-facing departments to work together to protect your organization. We know how to facilitate the discussions, develop the policies and procedures, and, most importantly, work closely with clients to protect their most sensitive information.


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